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This Auto "E-Tailer" Stock Is Ripe for a Breakout

The markets are a little "shaky" this week as investors weigh inflation concerns against earnings season profit potential.

But that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of breakouts brewing, just out of sight...

In fact, Chris Johnson's already spotted the next big windfall in a group of online car buying stocks - easily one of the hottest trends this summer.

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This Industrials Stock Is "Just Right": The Best Mid-Cap to Trade in the Mixed Market's Sweet Spot

Stocks are trading mixed as small-caps slip into bearish territory, and tech blue chips redefine "overvalued" every day.

But this industrials stock is sitting right in in the market's sweet spot - between low-risk and high-growth - and it's getting ready for a record setting breakout.

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Tap into the Reopening Buzz with This Beer Stock Trade

As the weather warms up and capacity restrictions ease at our favorite water holes, this famous Brewmeister has hit our radar as a must buy.

And after expanding their product line, partnering up with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and coming through with a killer earnings announcement, this stock is right on the cusp of a record-setting rally.

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The Top Stock to Trade in Biden's "Second 100 Days"

Republicans just proposed their own alternative to Biden's American Jobs Act - Capitol Hill is buzzing with spending negotiations.

And regardless which bill comes out on top, the one "sure thing" is that infrastructure stocks are about to have a record-setting year.

That's why Chris Johnson's targeting this domestic cement producer as a prime trade to make now.

And if you get in ahead of their May earnings report, you could capture some explosive, money-doubling gains.

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Make a Killing on This "Work from Anywhere" Tech Stock

As the ongoing recovery from COVID-19 chugs along, some pandemic trends won't live to see 2022...

But according to pro investor Chris Johnson, remote business won't be going anywhere.

It's just too efficient to quit, and this telecom developer is right at the center of the new "work from anywhere" economy.

And if that's reason enough for a breakout, today's big tech stock catalyst is sure to send shares, and today's Fast Profits trade, through the roof.

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