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My name is Mark Sebastian, and I'm launching a Wall Street takeover. Are you with me? Since stocks first started trading, Wall Street has held all of the power in the market. They moved stocks. They got the best prices. They told you where to put your money... While they made the big bucks. But for the first time in history, everything has changed. Now, individual traders have gained their own power.
  • A record-breaking 10 million new brokerage accounts were created by individual traders in 2020.
  • In 2019, an average of seven billion shares of equities traded every day. In 2020, that number increased to 10.9 billion.
  • So far this year, we're looking at 14.7 billion trades per day. That's an incredible 92% increase year over year.
We're moving markets. People getting ready to retire, college grads looking to pay off student debt, stay-at-home parents using their limited free time to trade - these are the people controlling stocks. And the paradigm shift is creating a new financial world. GameStop, AMC, Dogecoin. Names that dominated headlines for the debut months of 2021. They're all examples of a much greater movement... One where individual investors take the financial power from Wall Street and put it into their own hands. One where regular people start turning hundreds of dollars into thousands of dollars... A movement where people like you can make what I like to call asymmetrical returns - transforming a small investment into a big payday in a matter of days. Put a little money in - get a lot of money out. It's simple. And it's a movement I've been working towards for years... See, I used to be inside the belly of the beast. As a floor trader on the CBOE, I used to chat with clients every day. And it didn't take long for the vast discrepancy between my trading knowledge and theirs to become glaringly obvious. I wanted to teach these guys how to make a killing in 10 minutes - and I could have, easy peasy. But I wasn't allowed to let them in on the secret moneymaking tricks I'd been taught myself. The tricks that handed me asymmetrical gains every single day. As a professional floor trader, I had to wonder... why should I, someone who isn't even trading my own money, know more about investing than someone who's using their own hard-earned capital? Why should I have the tools to make 500% returns while regular people were seeing 5%? It didn't make sense. I asked my boss if we could start a new program. One where we educated our clients about the best trading techniques, showed them how to make asymmetrical returns. Shared the strategies that he and I used every day. And he fired me on the spot. That was almost 20 years ago. But it was the moment that gave my life clarity and purpose - and a mission. You thought doubling your money was good? Think again. Wall Street traders scoff at 100% returns. Why? Because the returns they're seeing are asymmetrical. The number they put in looks nothing like the number they get out. While they're touting a 2% dividend to you, they're banking 500% every other day. That's what's really going on behind the scenes. Wall Street doesn't want you to know what they know. But the jig is up. Because here at Profit Takeover, we're taking Wall Street's power into our own hands - and using the tricks that they've been peddling for decades against them. For the first time ever, individual traders are making asymmetrical returns for themselves. We're undertaking a serious endeavor here. But it's one that will put you in charge of your financial well-being for the first time. I don't care if you've been trading for years... or if you're one of the 10 million new traders looking to score some dough. The fact is... we now make the markets. Not the folks on Wall Street. And that means the techniques and opportunities that everyday folks could never take advantage of before can easily be used to make you a fortune today.
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