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Garrett Baldwin is a globally recognized research economist, financial writer, consultant, and political risk analyst with decades of trading experience and degrees in economics, cybersecurity, and business from Johns Hopkins, Purdue, Indiana University, and Northwestern. He also spent more than a decade as a corporate spy and still has his ear to the ground in Washington and on Wall Street, giving him a critical edge in his trading. He's conducted risk-assessment projects for clients in 27 countries and consulted on policy and financial operations for some of the nation's largest financial institutions, including a $1.5 trillion credit fund and a $43 billion credit and auto loan giant, as well as two of the largest Wall Street banks by assets under management. Garrett joined Money Map Press as an economist and researcher in 2011, specializing in stocks, hedge funds, private equity, blockchain, and housing policy. In addition to his lead role at Flashpoint Trader, you can catch him on Money Morning's Youtube Channel discussing the hottest stock and economic news and dishing out timely trade ideas with other Money Map experts and special guests..
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